Trade show booth ideas to draw maximum visitors

Trade showPutting up your business on a trade show is a great step towards building your business. Trade shows are organized for a limited period of time and you need to maximize output in this limited period. This can help generate business for you in future and also in promoting your product or service.

The first step in getting the crowd in your booth is to make your booth look attractive. More lights help you get noticed and you should focus on this immensely. A trade show booth with low lights will never attract the attention of the visitors. Getting the right look and feel is very important you should have a direct invitation saying “come on in” this confidence will create more inquiries for sure.

Next is putting up a money blowing machine on the entrance of your booth. People coming to the trade show will for sure look at this machine and get attracted to visit the booth. You can keep discount coupons in the machine and declare a contest like who ever collects the maximum number of coupons in a set time frame a fabulous gift will be given to him. Along with this, you can put a customized prize wheel as this will increase the people’s interest to visit the booth. An attractive prize wheel has to be colorful and there should be some gift for everyone who participates in the game. Always have a personal attendee standing with the prize wheel to invite people in the booth who will also announce the prizes to be won by participation.

The next step should be to keep ad specials and promotional offers for the customers visiting the booth. Promotional offers can be of many types, you can keep water bottles with customized labels to promote your brand. Every person coming to the trade show needs drinking water and giving water bottles as a free giveaway will attract visitors. You can also give bags with your company’s label as visitor coming to trade shows gets a lot of leaflets and promotional items which they need to carry. A bag will make this carrying easy for the visitors and will also remember your brand till the time they will use it in future.